About us

We are proud to introduce to you the Grado LLC – factory of distillates and alcoholic beverages. It is located in the country of Georgia, Kareli district, which is well known as a vast fruit production region.

Grado LLC is one of the largest producers of fruit and wine distillates in Georgia. The company was established in 2015 but despite that Grado already have quite diversified export portfolio. We have experience in covering the following markets:

  • USA – apple distillates (bulk)
  • EU (Germany, Italy) – plum and pear distillates (bulk)
  • China – brandy (bottled)
  • Ukraine – brandy, fruit vodka (bottle)

Our main competitive advantages in this market are

  • Cheap but high-quality raw materials – fruits
  • Cheap labor
  • Low utility costs

This data allows us to present favorable prices for our partners.


Grado company produces brandy and a wide variety of distillates. Our factory is able to satisfy offers in big volumes.

We produce fruit and wine distillates from high-quality raw materials.

We provide an origin certificate EURO-1 for all our products.

Laboratories and Quality Assurance

Laboratory – equipped with modern equipment, including the gas chronograph of the American company Thermo Fisher. Grado’s laboratories and quality department ensures the quality of its products and meets all necessary requirements and certifications.